Sublimated Photo

Sublimating Quilting Fabric

Did you know that you could put your baby’s pictures, or your family pictures, or your wedding  pictures, or your pets pictures, (the list is unlimited) that you would like to MAKE INTO AN HEIRLOOM,  in a quilt?  It’s another wonderful way to keep your […]


Quilting Tips

Though Quilting might look like a tough-to-master art, most of the gurus tend to differ on this. Basically, all you need to master this art is knowing the basic techniques then keep on practicing. Below are some of the best […]


How to Choose a Good Quilting Fabric

In the world of art, the possibilities are endless. The graceful mix of colors, texture and style is just breathtaking. Quilting as Art is never exempted of these joyous wonders and the task to sort out the best quilting fabric […]


Pin Wheel Instructions



Hello Quilters! I have had request for additional instructions for the Mystery Quilt. It seems as if I didn’t include enough information on how to construct the Pin Wheel that was shown in Step Two.

I will post STEP THREE next week, so if you need to finish step two, you have a little more time.

So here goes:

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Mystery Quilt Step TWO

Hello Quilters!  It’s time for STEP TWO of the Mystery quilt at   Email me at  if you have any questions.  In Step ONE, you received the supply list for fabric required to make the whole quilt. If you are like every quilter that I know, you have enough fabric in your stash to make one of these Mystery quilts for every one in your family for Christmas! :)  As you probably guessed from the picture below my quilt looks like Christmas fabric (theme).  I could have chosen any color or decor (theme), my stash is quite extensive!

Don’t forget to read “Did You Know?” at the end of this article and be the first to comment with the Bible reference. All you have to say in the comment is the where the “quote” is found in the Bible.  For example from a previous article: The quote was from Psalm 27:14. Remember it has to be from this current article. Read more »

Mystery Quilt Step ONE

Hello Quilters!! Are you Ready for a FUN! EASY!! Mystery :) Quilt? The time has finally arrived for us to get started. :) . Step ONE is here.  Remember you want to be first to comment in “Did You Know?”  about the Bible Reference to receive a surprise from me. The fastest way to comment is by clicking on the comment box at the end of this article.  You can also email me at . Even if you see someone else has commented, please let me know what you think of the post. I want to hear if this Blog is helpful to you. Only nice comments, even if you don’t like my Blog, please say it in a constructive way so that I can try to improve! :). Read more »

Mystery Quilt Introduction


Hello Quilters!!

Are you ready? Do you know how a Mystery Quilt works? I’m sure there are some out there who do not know how it works, so I’m going to explain it today. We won’t start it today, this will just add to the anticipation :). Read more »

I Have Learned Some Things



Hello Quilters!  Over the years I have learned some things. Some good and helpful!  Some not so good and hurtful! Thankful to say more good than not so good. So today, I am going to focus only on the good. Since this is a quilting blog, it will be “ALL ABOUT QUILTING:) Remember : Did You Know?  (Refer to the Baby Quilt article if you don’t know about this).

I.  The Quilt Making process can be compared to a Baby. You don’t start out smart AND big, you learn as you grow! So depend on others (mentors) to help you grow into smart quilters…IE…. less reverse sewing.  Also, start out smaller, not BIG  , so you don’t get discouraged. Read more »

Get Ready! Get Set!! Go!!!

Hello Quilting World!

Today, I’m posting a free quilt pattern.

It’s   1 to Get Ready!   2 to Get Set!!   3 to Go!!!

1-2-3 Embroider!   That’s right, that’s what it takes to make this beautiful Baby Quilt that my friends (“BeeJay’s Girls Gone Wild”) call Champagne and Caviar” Oh yes, and just so you know, I will be asking the question “Did You Know“? at the end of all my articles. I will send a surprise (gift) to the first person(USA ONLY) who emails me with the Bible verse reference at the end of that article.   It will be fun to see how many people respond.

The fabric in this quilt is washable silk and a washable polyester micro fiber (”Minkee” type fabric). You will probably want to buy extra fabric to allow for design changes that you decide to make.

A good rule of thumb is:
Better too much than not enough





” Champagne and Caviar”                                                                                                  



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Sublimating Quilts on Fabrics


Sublimation is achieved when designs are created on a computer,they are then printed on a sublimation paper with the aid of ‘sub’ inks. The designs may be anything of value, it may be your favorite football club,a serene environment or even family. The design is then pressed onto a fabric using a heat T-shirt press. Polyester is the most proffered fabric commonly used material since it absorbs ink and cannot run.During the process some requirements needed are;pair of scissors,heat press,lint roller,high quality sublimation paper,Teflon sheet,high temperature foam sheet,clean paper,protective heat gloves and inks. Our poly quilting fabric looks and feels  like cotton.
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Sublimating Quilts


Probably the most popular methods to customize fabric is by adding a full-color photo to it, to preserve a memory, promote a celebration, or even to create a unique gift. The entire process of adding full-color images to fabrics might seem as somewhat of a mystery to some, but once one sees just how simple the sublimation process is, they will want to create one themselves!

The sublimation process is often used by small businesses, or even for crafts out of a home or garage, which matches to show how simple it is to complete yourself. Applying this method, you can use full-color, detailed artwork for the quilt, without worrying about this fading, scratching, or peeling. The artwork is permanent. To create your color sublimation quilt, you will need to personalize your fabrics are sublimation quilts, coated with special sublimation coating, sublimation paper, inks, take (heat-resistant), a bucket water, and a sublimation heat press. Many of these products are available at your local craft store, or online from a printing supplier. This can be better as printing vendors can often offer you the things needed in bulk, wholesale prices. Read more »

Rookies Quilting Tips – 5 Things You Must Know


Is quilting your favorite pastime hobby? That’s a good thing because quilting is not just enjoyable and an excellent stress reducer, it’s also a useful activity that allows you to create useful clothing items and bed coverings for your home as well as gifts to your friends. However, if you are just a newbie then you might want to learn about a couple of beginners quilting tips that would make the learning process much easier for you and you will be making wonderful quilts of your own within no time. Make use of the best tips that we have listed below and have a wonderful start with your quilting hobby.

– Plan In Advance.

Before doing your first stitch, it’s important that you get at least a basic idea of how your first quilt should look like. Think about the pattern and color that you like. You may want to search online for free quilt patterns or perhaps read a quilting book to learn pre-planned quilting patterns. Read more »

Reasons Why Quilts make good gifts


Quilts are popular gifts for many showering events in families. As many people try to look for something unique for the baby as they welcome it in this world, selecting an ideal gift is always challenging. However, quilts serve the purpose regardless of the nature of the baby showering occasion. Here’s why quilts make good gifts:

Versatility Keeps Quilts Longtime Favorites
In its first job, a baby quilt made of soft flannel is a source of soothing comfort to a newborn. Sometimes bonds are established between baby and the quilt that last for many years. As the child gets older, the quilt can keep him cozy in his stroller, or help her nap in an out-of-home locale. Later, it’s a great play mat, keeping toddlers protected from floor surfaces. And when it’s bedtime, the quilt is often a warm bed accent. Read more »

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