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Sublimating Quilting Fabric

Sublimated Photo

Did you know that you could put your baby’s pictures, or your family pictures, or your wedding  pictures, or your pets pictures, (the list is unlimited) that you would like to MAKE INTO AN HEIRLOOM,  in a quilt?  It’s another wonderful way to keep your memories alive! I’m not talking about printing them on with an ink jet printer either.

I’m talking about Sublimation!

Sublimation is the process by which an image printed on paper is transferred to another surface (here it’s fabric)!   Sublimation is the passage of dye (ink) directly from a solid to a vaporized state through the action of heat and pressure causing them to bond with the fibers of synthetic materials such as polyester. Sublimation allows for more creative designs than screen printing or cut and sew methods. Colors are permanently impregnated into the fabric (NOT JUST PRINTED ON) so they will not stiffen, crack, fade, or wash out, with proper care.

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Quilting Tips


Though Quilting might look like a tough-to-master art, most of the gurus tend to differ on this. Basically, all you need to master this art is knowing the basic techniques then keep on practicing. Below are some of the best Quilting Tips to guide you through:

Understand the simple patterns: If you wish to learn how to make a quilt, you will probably want to cut and sew fabric to a particular pattern. Here the most simple form of quilt pattern is to cut squares of different fabrics and sew them together in a way that highlights the diversity of the fabrics.
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How to Choose a Good Quilting Fabric


In the world of art, the possibilities are endless. The graceful mix of colors, texture and style is just breathtaking. Quilting as Art is never exempted of these joyous wonders and the task to sort out the best quilting fabric can be quite a challenge.


There are considerations to be made in choosing an excellent quilting fabric. Captivating façade of intricate patterns and eye-catching colors can bring much of a deception yet there is so much underneath the surface that you are to take into account. First, consider the material. Experts in quilting industry go for fabrics purely made of cotton. This is also recommended for quilting novices considering that this product of natural fiber is so easy to play around with.


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