Get Ready! Get Set!! Go!!!

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Today, I’m posting a free quilt pattern.

It’s   1 to Get Ready!   2 to Get Set!!   3 to Go!!!

1-2-3 Embroider!   That’s right, that’s what it takes to make this beautiful Baby Quilt that my friends (“BeeJay’s Girls Gone Wild”) call Champagne and Caviar” Oh yes, and just so you know, I will be asking the question “Did You Know“? at the end of all my articles. I will send a surprise (gift) to the first person(USA ONLY) who emails me with the Bible verse reference at the end of that article.   It will be fun to see how many people respond.

The fabric in this quilt is washable silk and a washable polyester micro fiber (”Minkee” type fabric). You will probably want to buy extra fabric to allow for design changes that you decide to make.

A good rule of thumb is:
Better too much than not enough





” Champagne and Caviar”                                                                                                  



 1 to Get Ready!

Fabric Yardage for this quilt:
1 yard of 54” fabric for the (9) embroidery blocks.
3/8 yard of 54” fabric for the (4) solid color, alternate blocks.
3/8 Yard of 54” fabric for the (4) pin tuck, end blocks.
1 ½ yards of 54” fabric (Minkee type)  for the (8) – 9” alternate blocks & side triangles .
1-5/8 yards for the border.
3-1/4 yards of 45” fabric for backing.
A twin size batting will be ample.
The 3 shades of embroidery thread used are Floriani Polyester #730; #741; & #743
3 spools of #730;   2 spools of #741;   and   1 spool of #743

 2 to Get Set!!

Cut:  (3) embroidery block fabric strips (12”) wide to embroider (9) blocks.
Embroider the blocks on the strips & then cut into 9 ½”squares.
If you embroider on blocks, it will take blocks large enough to fit the hoop
you are using.  Then trim the blocks to 9 ½”squares.

Cut:  (1) solid color, alternate block fabric strip – 9 ½”  then cut into (4) –  9 ½”squares.

Cut:  (1) solid color, alternate block fabric strip – 12 ½”  to pin tuck.
Use a double needle and a pin tuck foot to make rows of tiny pin tucks.  Sew straight rows on the lengthwise grain, Rows will be 12 1/2 ” long, not cross grain 54″ long.  After pin tucking, trim into  (4) – 9 ½”squares. (You will be turning these blocks “on point”).

Cut:  (2) “Minkee” type fabric  strips 14” for the (12) side triangles.
Then cut the 12 side triangles with the long side of the triangle on the straight grain of the strip. Make side set triangle templet (explained below).  This will place the outside edge of the triangle on the straight grain of the fabric.

Cut:   (2) “Minkee” type fabric strips  9 ½”, then cut into (8) – 9 ½”squares. (Be sure to mark the Lengthwise Grain side of these squares).
Also, cut (2)  7 1/4” squares from this strip, then, cut these squares on the diagonal (mark the diagonal of these 4 triangles) to get the (4) corner triangles. (The diagonal of these triangles will be on the inside, the outside (other 2 sides) will be straight of grain.) This makes all the out side edges of the triangles non-stretchy.

Make a template to cut the large side set triangles.

To make a half square triangle templet, draw a  9-7/8” square,  fold in half on the diagonal..

Lay out the (2) 14” strip “Minkee” type fabric strips  for the (12) side triangles and place the diagonal (long edge) on the straight grain of the fabric. Cut 12 half square triangles for the outside edges of the quilt.

Cut the 4 small corner triangles from two 7-1/4” squares.

3 to Go!!!

“Champagne and Caviar”                                                                                                         Block  Instructions:

2 Two EMB fabric strip  Mark:   Three 9-1/2” squares on the 12″ embroidery block fabric strips as a guide for placing the embroidery in the center of the strip.  (You might have to adjust the square after embroidering.) 


Embroider :

First:  Embroider The frame using the Corner Designs (if using Zundt Designs)

If using the large oval or 5 X 7 frame, you can embroider two corners on one side then re-hoop, mirror image the design and embroider the other side as shown below.

Untitled-3       Untitled-7

Then Embroider the center designs:

IF USING A  5″ X 7″ HOOP:    Re-hoop and embroider the center of the block.
Turn the center design 45 degrees so that it will be on point.Untitled-8









All the center designs will be embroidered on point.  

I used Zundt Design for the center designs also. You can contact me if you want to order these designs.
After embroidering all the squares, use a 9-1/2” square ruler to square up the squares.                       

If using the largest hoop (200 X 300 mm):

On the 6 needle or the newer embroidery machines, you can combine the 4 corners and  stitch in one hooping.
NOTE: Save the combined corners and use the frame on every block, changing only the center design each time.


Untitled-9                                                     Untitled-10

Always embroider the frame first, then embroider the center design. always remember to turn the center design 45 degrees, so that it embroiders on point.


Butterfly - Cropped


Bunny - Cropped                     Ballons - Cropped               Swan - Cropped              Swan - Cropped

 After embroidering all the squares, use a 9-1/2” square ruler to square up the squares.  Cut size will be 9 ½”, finish size will be 9”.  

“Champagne and Caviar” 


Untitled-11(Row 1 through 3 are the center three rows.                     Row 4 and 5 are the left side and right side.)

Follow diagram above and sew row 1 as follows:   

 Block A1 to B1 to C1 to D1 to E1.
Sew row 2 same as row 1:
Block A2 to B2 to C2 to D2 to E2
Sew row 3 same as row 2:
Block A3 to B3 to C3 to D3 to E3
Sew row 4 same as row 3:
Block A4 to B4 to C4 to D4 to E4  Notice that A4 & E4 are ½ square triangles
Sew row 5 same as row 4:
Block A5 to B5 to C5 to D5 to E5  Notice that A5 & E5 are ½ square triangles

“Champagne and Caviar”                                                                                                                   CORNER CONSTRUCTION:

Sew the four corners together in the following sequence:                                                           C1 to C2 to C3 to C4.                                                                                                                                     Be sure to sew the large triangles to the square with the long side to the outside.                                            Untitled-18untitled 14





“Champagne and Caviar”
Lay out the rows on the diagonal:
Sew in the Following Sequence:




Untitled-1AUntitled-1B(1)  Sew row 1 to row 2 to row 3 to form center  section as shown on right.
(2)Sew row 4 to corner 3
(3)Sew row 5 to corner 2
(4)Sew corner 1 to top left end of center section
(5)Sew corner 4 to bottom right end of center section
(6)Sew corner section 2 to top right side of center section
(7)Sew corner section 3 to bottom left side of center section

 Cut the border strips length wise grain of the border fabric.


To determine the length of the Borders:
Measure  through the center of the quilt from top to bottom. Cut the two side borders that length.  Sew the two short border strips to the left and right side of the quilt. Then re-measure through the center of the quilt from border left side to border right side. Cut the two long border strips that length and sew these two borders to the Top and Bottom of the quilt.





Did You KnowThat King Solomon was the wisest and the wealthiest man to ever live? He wrote three books in the Bible. Some of my favorite verses in the whole Bible come from these three books.

My Bible quote for this post: Ecclesiastes 3:1 & 7.

1.  To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
7.  A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;                            

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  1. Anne Shelbaer says:

    Now that is a beautiful baby quilt but then it has Zundt embroidery and that really makes it with the simplicity of those designs. Thank you so much for the pattern. Will look through my Zundt to see if I have any of these.
    Solomon was a great writer but Proverbs can be difficult to read. Think you picked the very best verses in Ecclesiastes. The Song of Solomon, some think it was written when he was younger. Interesting and so much shorter than the other two. All three really make one think about what he has written.

    Anne in Colorado where it’s way too hot for comfort

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