Mystery Quilt Step TWO

Hello Quilters!  It’s time for STEP TWO of the Mystery quilt at   Email me at  if you have any questions.  In Step ONE, you received the supply list for fabric required to make the whole quilt. If you are like every quilter that I know, you have enough fabric in your stash to make one of these Mystery quilts for every one in your family for Christmas! :)  As you probably guessed from the picture below my quilt looks like Christmas fabric (theme).  I could have chosen any color or decor (theme), my stash is quite extensive!

Don’t forget to read “Did You Know?” at the end of this article and be the first to comment with the Bible reference. All you have to say in the comment is the where the “quote” is found in the Bible.  For example from a previous article: The quote was from Psalm 27:14. Remember it has to be from this current article.

Now it’s time to cut the required pieces from each of the colors. So get out your fabric and your cutting board, rotary cutter, straight edge ruler and let’s get started! IMG_4714



First Background (7/8 yd. medium light):

Cut: (4)—–4 1/2″ (Lengthwise)  x  42″(Crosswise) strips  (if cutting from yardage):                                BE SURE TO LABEL ALL THE BLOCKS IN EACH SIZE GROUP.

From these 4 strips you need:  

  • (4)—-4 1/2″ (L) x  10 1/2″ (C)  blocks
  • (4)—-4-1/2″ (L)x   6-1/2″   (C)  blocks
  • (12)—4-1/2″ (L) x   4-1/2″  (C)  blocks
  • (4)—-4-1/2″  (L) x   2 -/2″  (C)  blocks

Cut:  (1)—–10 1/2″ (Lengthwise)  x 42″ (Crosswise) strip (if cutting from yardage):                       From this strip you need:

  • (4)—-10-1/2″ (L) x  4-1/2″ (C)  blocks
  • (2)—-10-1/2″ (L) x   2-1/2″ (C)  blocks

Cut:  (1)—–1-1/2″  x  42″ strip (if cutting yardage):                                                                                                From this strip you need:

  • (24)—Quarter square triangles (using a quarter square ruler)

Second Background (lightest light):

Cut:  (1)—–2 1/2″ (L) x 42″ (C) strip (if cutting yardage)                                                                                               From this strips you need:

  • (24)—–Half-square triangles (using a Half square ruler)

Use the pieces you have cut to make the following number of pieces (under Make These). The top row is an example onlu of how to make Connectors  using the small squares in the corners of the background pieces. Make 6 Pinwheel blocks using the 24  Quarter square triangles.                             The (last 2 pictures) show you how to make the 6 Pinwheel blocks.



Did You Know?”  What the first Flower mentioned in the Bible was?  You will have to look this                                                 answer up! :)

My Bible reference for this post is I Kings 7:19 & 26.  This is where you will find the answer. Please comment with the answer to the question and also let me know if you are enjoying the Mystery Quilt fun! I am going to be very disappointed if I don’t hear from some of you, even if you aren’t the 1st to comment. Remember,  you can email me at,  if you don’t want to comment on this Blog.


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6 Responses to “Mystery Quilt Step TWO”

  1. Linda Nelson says:

    Your blog is attractive, colorful and instructions are very well written and clear. Thank you for your blog.

  2. Sparkle says:

    Lilies. I am enjoying the quilt along. I like not knowing what this is going to turn out like. I just hope I can keep up. Lots going on around here lately

  3. Jane Cook says:

    Thanks for commenting on my Did You Know section. You win for the first one to comment! If you will email me at with your mailing address, I will send you a surPRIZE! :) Thanks for reading my Blog! You will have plenty of time to construct STEP Two I will let everyone know when the next Step will be coming UP! AS ALWAYS LOVE! Jane

  4. Madalyn Hardgrave says:

    I did not know it was lilies!!! Love this!

    • Karen Marks says:

      Looking forward to cutting and sewing these pieces together! Hopefully will get some free time tomorrow. I’m excited to see what this quilt is going to look like. Thank you for your time and wisdom on helping others to be a better quilter!

      Sent from my iPhone

  5. Connie Bittner says:

    I’m very excited about this mystery quilt. I’m hoping to cut and sew this week!!!

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