Rookies Quilting Tips – 5 Things You Must Know


Is quilting your favorite pastime hobby? That’s a good thing because quilting is not just enjoyable and an excellent stress reducer, it’s also a useful activity that allows you to create useful clothing items and bed coverings for your home as well as gifts to your friends. However, if you are just a newbie then you might want to learn about a couple of beginners quilting tips that would make the learning process much easier for you and you will be making wonderful quilts of your own within no time. Make use of the best tips that we have listed below and have a wonderful start with your quilting hobby.

– Plan In Advance.

Before doing your first stitch, it’s important that you get at least a basic idea of how your first quilt should look like. Think about the pattern and color that you like. You may want to search online for free quilt patterns or perhaps read a quilting book to learn pre-planned quilting patterns.

– Spend Money On Quality Fabrics.

Select a good quality material which is best suited for the quilt which you have in your mind. Buy some nice-looking patches and appliques and make use of them for your quilt. Investing money on these is not going to be a waste as you can make use of them in your next quilt if not on the first one.

– Test and Pre-wash

Bleed testing your fabrics, especially the cotton ones is essential since purple and red cotton fabrics are particularly prone to bleeding. To perform the bleed test, soak a small cutout of fabric in warm water (with soap) for up to half an hour. Be sure that you use a mild laundry detergent and the fabric should be prewashed with cool water. After soaking for 20 minutes, rinse the material thoroughly with fresh water. Take extra care of quilting fabric while they are in the laundry. You’ll want to have a fresh-looking quilt without stains or damage.

– Purchase A Quilt Kit.

To expand your experience in the art of quilting, it’s a good thing to purchase a quilt kit or also join a quilting bee. You would be able to find lots of tips and helpful advices from these resources which would be of immense help to expand your quilting knowledge. Search online for a local quilting bee, especially those within your vicinity. Getting more ideas and tips from quilting experts will work to your advantage. So interact with them to learn more about the quilting technique.

– Ask The Shopkeeper For Tips.

You may want to ask your shopkeeper about the best suited quilting batting for your initial quilt. Those who have worked in fabric stores for a long time have plenty of reliable knowledge about their products and you’d be amazed how they can help you choose the best quilting batting.

These beginners quilting tips are just some of the myriad ways through which you can be successful in making your first quilt. Quilting is an excellent hobby and to improve your skills you just need to have motivation and patience.

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