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Did you know that you could put your baby’s pictures, or your family pictures, or your wedding  pictures, or your pets pictures, (the list is unlimited) that you would like to MAKE INTO AN HEIRLOOM,  in a quilt?  It’s another wonderful way to keep your memories alive! I’m not talking about printing them on with an ink jet printer either.

I’m talking about Sublimation!

Sublimation is the process by which an image printed on paper is transferred to another surface (here it’s fabric)!   Sublimation is the passage of dye (ink) directly from a solid to a vaporized state through the action of heat and pressure causing them to bond with the fibers of synthetic materials such as polyester. Sublimation allows for more creative designs than screen printing or cut and sew methods. Colors are permanently impregnated into the fabric (NOT JUST PRINTED ON) so they will not stiffen, crack, fade, or wash out, with proper care.

Our sublimation fabric for quilting, although it is polyester, IT FEELS AND LOOKS LIKE COTTON! I guarantee you will love the hand on the blocks made from our printable quilting fabric.


Combine T-Shirt Quilts with Sublimated Photos

BabyDo you want to see your baby’s pictures in your very own heirloom quilt? Contact us and we can help you make this happen!


That women sewing received HONORABLE MENTION in the Old Testament? Starting with the 10th verse, chapter 31 of Proverbs, King Lemuel tolls the characteristics of a virtuous woman.

My Bible Quote for this post:  Proverbs 31:22 “She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple. KJV



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6 Responses to “Sublimating Quilting Fabric”

  1. Connie Bittner says:

    I wanted to say that I have used this process(thru BeeJay’s) of sublimation and the pictures are so awesome. They literally become part of the fabric and the colors are vibrant. There is no comparison at all to the “old way” we used to transfer pictures to fabric. They make such beautiful gifts. I know you will love the quality as well.

  2. Cindy Bundrick says:

    Hi Beejay,
    Is this sublimation, fabric or a printer you use? Is it a special printer
    to print your pictures for a quilt? Would like to know more of how this works?
    Thanks so much,
    Cindy Bundrick

    • Jane Cook says:

      Hi Cindy, Thanks for the comment on my Web site. Sublimation is the process. We have the fabric and the printing process to put your pictures on the fabric. It takes a special fabric and print process. You can email us a photo, preferably a good photo, and we will put it on a sample piece of fabric and send it to you. The sample is free. We will discuss price over the phone and then email you a quote for the size blocks you need for your quilt. Our BeeJay’s Specialty Designs email address is We are Jane & Bobby Cook in the Dallas, TX. Metroplex. You can call us toll free at 1-888-533-7397. We are the Zundt Design representatives for the USA. If you are a machine embroider hopefully you recognize the name, if not I’ll acquaint you when you call.

      Thanks and have a BLESSED DAY,
      Jane Cook

  3. Judi Archibald says:

    Oh wow, now this is exciting. Please tell me what dimensions you are looking for in the picture. Will this work well on landscapes as well as photos of people. I’m thinking of some of our vacation photos. Will they wash or do we need to use them on something we won’t wash. What type of file do you want this sent in, jpeg or tif?

    Till we visit, have a good week.


    • Jane Cook says:

      Hi Judi, Are you referring to the picture for the mystery quilt? If so, I will give all the requirements in the 1st post about the mystery quilt. You will then have time to gather your fabric supply. The instructions will come one post at a time with time in between to get prepared and then time to do each step until the quilt is finished. You won’t know what it looks like until the end. It’s not a large quilt. Just be sure to go to the web site and click throur to read more on the tne rest of the article. Jane

  4. Jane Cook says:

    Hi Judi, I responded to another comment.. I’m still learning how all this works. I will call you and explain this later today.

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