Sublimating Quilts on Fabrics


Sublimation is achieved when designs are created on a computer,they are then printed on a sublimation paper with the aid of ‘sub’ inks. The designs may be anything of value, it may be your favorite football club,a serene environment or even family. The design is then pressed onto a fabric using a heat T-shirt press. Polyester is the most proffered fabric commonly used material since it absorbs ink and cannot run.During the process some requirements needed are;pair of scissors,heat press,lint roller,high quality sublimation paper,Teflon sheet,high temperature foam sheet,clean paper,protective heat gloves and inks. Our poly quilting fabric looks and feels  like cotton.

During the production process,pressure,time and temperature should be balanced accordingly since they vary,there is need to test to determine the combination that suits the production. High temperatures are mostly required.Sublimation requires polyester fabric which is preferred to cotton fabric since it absorbs ink and cannot run off unlike cotton which washes out and the ink also cannot stick to it. Though you might use a blend of both cotton and polyester,however the dye will fade with time. Degeneration might also occur due to the poor quality of the material.This means only purely polyester material should be used.If you have colored fabrics,sublimation can also be done.

You will need to be extra cautious to get a nice effect.During the process try to lower the iron heat for the benefit of the fabric .It will help the fabric not to shrink. This occurs mostly when putting up a border on a quilt.Some people have tried to invent ways on avoiding the shrinking effect. Some opt to print it first then sew it later. The technique will avoid shrinking later.Challenges faced is purchasing the flat heat press which tends to be expensive compared to other material such as the printers.Sublimating prints on a quilt is fun using the quilting fabrics. You may also perform some arts in photo shop and transfer to fabric afterwards. Hoping that you will enjoy the experience.

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