Sublimating Quilts


Probably the most popular methods to customize fabric is by adding a full-color photo to it, to preserve a memory, promote a celebration, or even to create a unique gift. The entire process of adding full-color images to fabrics might seem as somewhat of a mystery to some, but once one sees just how simple the sublimation process is, they will want to create one themselves!

The sublimation process is often used by small businesses, or even for crafts out of a home or garage, which matches to show how simple it is to complete yourself. Applying this method, you can use full-color, detailed artwork for the quilt, without worrying about this fading, scratching, or peeling. The artwork is permanent. To create your color sublimation quilt, you will need to personalize your fabrics are sublimation quilts, coated with special sublimation coating, sublimation paper, inks, take (heat-resistant), a bucket water, and a sublimation heat press. Many of these products are available at your local craft store, or online from a printing supplier. This can be better as printing vendors can often offer you the things needed in bulk, wholesale prices.

Once your artwork continues to be prepared, it is printed with dye-sub ink on your special sublimation paper. The ink is usually a lot denser that regular printed paper. Next cut off any excess paper to help you begin transferring the image. First, center your artwork on the coated sublimation quilt and then apply heat-resistant tape to keep it in position. Your quilt and artwork are then ready to be transferred into the heat press. The fabric then takes 3-5 minutes clamped into the sublimation heat press, which heats your quilt as much as possible to transfer the ink. What makes sublimation different that other printing methods may be the way that the artwork is transferred onto an item. When heated to such extreme temperatures, the ink on your artwork is printed with gets so hot, it’s absorbed by the fabric material itself. After the 3-5 minutes have elapsed, you are able to remove your quilt from the heat press, take off the tape and artwork, after which place it right into a bucket of water. The water is vital to the process, allowing the quilt to cool quickly, permanently sealing within the sublimation inks, and making the art and fabric one single product.

Due to the way that the ink transfer process occurs, the sublimation process provides a lot more vibrant results than can be achieved with regular printing, or even with color decals. Because the ink is absorbed into the product, it is nearly as if you are gazing into a full-color picture itself, rather than a printed quilt. This is why sublimation quilts have grown to be such popular gifts and souvenirs for events and occasions of each and every kind.

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