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Rookies Quilting Tips – 5 Things You Must Know


Is quilting your favorite pastime hobby? That’s a good thing because quilting is not just enjoyable and an excellent stress reducer, it’s also a useful activity that allows you to create useful clothing items and bed coverings for your home as well as gifts to your friends. However, if you are just a newbie then you might want to learn about a couple of beginners quilting tips that would make the learning process much easier for you and you will be making wonderful quilts of your own within no time. Make use of the best tips that we have listed below and have a wonderful start with your quilting hobby.

– Plan In Advance.

Before doing your first stitch, it’s important that you get at least a basic idea of how your first quilt should look like. Think about the pattern and color that you like. You may want to search online for free quilt patterns or perhaps read a quilting book to learn pre-planned quilting patterns. Read more »

Quilting Tools


Here are the basic quilting tools that every quilter must have;

Rotary cutters: They are used in cutting your fabric. They have sharp blades that cut fabric accurately. A wide variety of sizes are available from 18 mm to 60 mm. 60 mm cutters are used in cutting fabric which has multiple layers 28 mm cutters are used for curved piercing.

Scissors: they can be used for cutting loose threads, plastic, paper and other crafting materials that you might use.


Read more »

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