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Reasons Why Quilts make good gifts


Quilts are popular gifts for many showering events in families. As many people try to look for something unique for the baby as they welcome it in this world, selecting an ideal gift is always challenging. However, quilts serve the purpose regardless of the nature of the baby showering occasion. Here’s why quilts make good gifts:

Versatility Keeps Quilts Longtime Favorites
In its first job, a baby quilt made of soft flannel is a source of soothing comfort to a newborn. Sometimes bonds are established between baby and the quilt that last for many years. As the child gets older, the quilt can keep him cozy in his stroller, or help her nap in an out-of-home locale. Later, it’s a great play mat, keeping toddlers protected from floor surfaces. And when it’s bedtime, the quilt is often a warm bed accent. Read more »

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