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Though Quilting might look like a tough-to-master art, most of the gurus tend to differ on this. Basically, all you need to master this art is knowing the basic techniques then keep on practicing. Below are some of the best Quilting Tips to guide you through:

Understand the simple patterns: If you wish to learn how to make a quilt, you will probably want to cut and sew fabric to a particular pattern. Here the most simple form of quilt pattern is to cut squares of different fabrics and sew them together in a way that highlights the diversity of the fabrics.

Try the Irish Chain quilt pattern: The next step beyond this, but still only using squares, would be to make a quilt using some squares full size and some squares made using smaller squares sewn together. Here you might have a full square 4″ square side by side with four 2″ squares sewn together to create a four patch that is the same size as the 4″ square. This is known as the Irish Chain quilt pattern and is one of the easiest to make but is very attractive.

If you wish to stick to machine sewing, the next most simple quilt patterns after plain squares would be those that use half square triangles. These are exactly what you would think – a square cut in half along one diagonal to make two triangles. These are both simple to make and to sew together. They open up a huge range of easy quilt blocks which can make some truly enchanting quilts. The beauty of these is that they can look quite sophisticated but in fact are quite simple to make. For a beginner in the art of quilting, this is a great confidence booster.

Once you have mastered the techniques of how to make a quilt by making small projects using easy quilt patterns, it becomes a much smaller step to move on to larger quilts with more difficult patterns. Most quilters find that they become hooked and cannot stop themselves from making more and more quilts.

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